Supporting innovation through
social science insight

About us

The Innovation Caucus supports sustainable innovation-led growth by promoting engagement between the social sciences and the innovation ecosystem.

Our members are leading academics from across the social science community, who are engaged in different aspects of innovation research.

We connect the social sciences, Innovate UK and the ESRC, by providing research insights to inform innovation policy and practice.

We champion the role of social science in innovation and enhance its impact. This project is funded and co-developed by Innovate UK and the ESRC.



Our mission

To ensure that social science insights support sustainable, innovation-led economic growth.

Our aims

  • To ensure innovation programmes are informed by social science research findings
  • To enhance the impact of social science by connecting academics with strategists, analysts and technologists at Innovate UK
  • To support the ESRC to embed innovation more deeply into its activities
  • To facilitate closer collaboration between Innovate UK and the ESRC
  • To promote engagement across UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

How we work

We work collaboratively to share knowledge and expertise, strengthen relationships and build a community of practice.

We do this in 5 key ways:

  1. Serve as a critical friend to Innovate UK and the ESRC
  2. Provide rapid responses to questions requiring expertise
  3. Produce in-depth evidence reviews and briefings
  4. Facilitate masterclasses and workshops
  5. Undertake research projects and support doctoral interns


Benefits for members

We recruit new members periodically.
Benefits for members include:

  1. Opportunities for research project funding
  2. Influencing innovation policies, practices and programmes
  3. Facilitating / participating in events on specialist research areas



  1. Extending academic networks
  2. Sharing ideas, expertise and resources
  3. Developing closer collaborations with Innovate UK and the ESRC
  4. Increasing the impact of research

Who we are

Professor Tim Vorley image
Professor Tim Vorley

Academic Lead

Dr Sammy Field image
Dr Sammy Field

Project Manager

Dr Syahirah Abdul Rahman image
Dr Syahirah Abdul Rahman


Dr Lauren Tuckerman image
Dr Lauren Tuckerman


Dr Jen Nelles image
Dr Jen Nelles

Senior Research Fellow

Laura Degenhardt image
Laura Degenhardt

Project Administrator

Innovation Caucus Management Group

Dr Geeta Nathan

Head of Economics & Insights,
Innovate UK

Debbie Johnson

Lead Research Specialist,
Innovate UK

Melanie Knetsch

Deputy Director – Innovation and Impact,

Dr Lucy Gresley

Research Portfolio Manager,

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